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Cristy Corbin, Founder of FSP of VA stands outside smiling

Our Values

Hope, Honesty, Collaboration, Compassion, Connection, Joy, Empathy, Empowerment, Voice & Choice, Strength-based, Solutions-focused

Our Mission

Family Support Partners of Virginia will engage, educate & empower families, youth, & adult individuals, to know what is available to them to succeed on their recovery journeys. Family Support Partners of Virginia will support the communities in understanding the strengths, needs & culture of the people they serve from these groups.

Our Vision

All Virginians will have knowledge of & access to the resources they need to reach the goals they establish for themselves as they are on their recovery journey.

You are not alone. 

We are here to connect with & support you through your recovery journey, whether it’s with your child/youth or you as an individual.


  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

  • Certified Trainer of the Peer Recovery Specialist Curriculum

  • High Fidelity Wraparound Family Support Partner

  • Digital Peer Support Provider


  • High Fidelity Wraparound Family Support Partner Credentialed Coach

  • High Fidelity Wraparound Support Partner Training Co-facilitator

  • Virginia’s Children’s Services Act - State and Local Advisory Team (SLAT) - Parent Representative

  • VDBHDS’ Peer Recovery Specialist curriculum enhancement for FSPs - Consultant

  • Virginia Family Network’s Advanced Parent Leadership Training - Consultant and Trainer

  • VDBHDS’ Office of Recovery Services’ Virginia Recovery Initiative (VRI) - Participant

  • Virginia Peer Recovery Specialist Stakeholder Roundtable - Co-facilitator

  • NAMI Virginia Board of Directors member - Executive Leadership Committee - Secretary (former)

  • Magellan of Virginia’s Consumer, Family and Stakeholder Advisory Group - Parent Representative (former)


Our Story

From Cristy’s personal lived experience with navigating the child behavioral health system, Family Support Partners of Virginia (FSP of VA) was born. 

Through experiences with her own child beginning in 2010, Cristy became a volunteer with Virginia Family Network (VFN), NAMI Central Virginia and NAMI Virginia.

She provided parent-specific trainings and helped establish the first parent support group in the Greater Richmond area focused on parents with children under the age of 18 dealing with behavioral health challenges. Cristy would provide emotional support to these parents/caregivers by sharing her lived experience with her own child in a way that was encouraging and instilled hope.

Cristy founded FSP of VA in October 2020 to continue serving families in the Greater Richmond area after the program she was running was dissolved when grant funding terminated. 

FSP of VA loves working with anyone in need of additional support on their recovery journey, either as an individual, parent/caregiver or a youth/young adult. 

We also help public and private providers who want to learn more about peer support, who need assistance with supervising their peer support workforce, or establishing a peer support program within their agency or organization.

Our Professional Affiliations

Virginia Department of Behavioral Health
Virginia Wraparound Implementation Cente


Hanover Community Services Board awards the Jean C. Harris Award for Excellence to Cristy A. Corbin for the critical role FSP of VA plays in the community.

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Our Service Areas

We can offer services in the Greater Richmond area and many surrounding localities. We are growing fast and chances are, we have a contract to work in your area. Please reach out if you would like to have Family Support Partners of Virginia work with you.

To Get Started

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