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We provide Virginians with access to and support with navigating the Commonwealth’s behavioral health systems.  



Who We Are

Family Support Partners of Virginia, Inc. is a peer support service provider with a focus on supporting parents/caregivers and their youth who are navigating the child behavioral health system in Virginia. We are the only family-run, statewide organization in Virginia providing formal parent & youth peer support. 


Our Family Support Partners (FSP) and Youth Support Partners (YSP) are trained in the evidence-based model, High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW), and have served families through this process for several years.  

An FSP is the parent or caregiver of a youth with emotional, behavioral, mental health and/or substance use challenges and has lived experience of successfully navigating Virginia's child behavioral health system (to include courts, schools, social services. etc.). FSPs partner with other families attempting to navigate the system with their youth by connecting with them on an emotional level. They do this through sharing lived experiences in a nonclinical, nonjudgmental, and empathetic way to establish a trusting relationship.

What is a Family Support Partner (FSP)?

  • modeling perspective taking

  • demonstrating effective and appropriate communication techniques

  • bridging the gap between families and system partners

  • connecting families to information, resources and services

  • ensuring the family's voice and choice is heard by all those involved with the family

How do they help?

FSP can help by:

Cristy Corbin, President
Family Support Partners of Virginia

Cristy Corbin is the Owner/Operator and a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), state-certified trainer of the Peer Recovery Specialist curriculum, and the first credentialed FSP coach and FSP trainer in Virginia of the HFW-Support Partner curriculum. 


Cristy is the first parent to be hired as a parent peer support partner in the Greater Richmond area and she was an integral part in developing the Family Support Partner role in Virginia. Due to the efforts of the FSP program Cristy helped build and worked for, the FSP role was replicated throughout Virginia with additional grant funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Our Services

Peer Support

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Training or

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FSP of VA offers a variety of services and loves working with anyone in need of additional support on their recovery journey, either as an individual, parent/caregiver or a youth/young adult. 

We also help public and private providers who want to learn more about peer support, who need assistance with supervising their peer support workforce, or establishing a peer support program within their agency or organization.

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To Know the Road Ahead,
Ask Those Coming Back

-Chinese Proverb

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